TM-Systems Solutions
TM-Systems specializes in automated systems development, focusing mainly on modeling systems of control and data acquisition for research and production. The company provides you with the best available knowledge and technology. We are able to do this due to our long (since 2002) experience of successful projects and our constant research and development of new products. 

TM Systems offers tailored solutions for medical science

Remote counseling

TM Systems supplies hardware-software solution (laboratory microscope from Olympus, Nikon, Leica, etc., and motodrive stage, cameras for specimen imaging, control module, computer) for remote counseling, histological study and cytodiagnostics

Specimen Atlases and personnel training

TM Systems solution provides an integrated approach to medical personnel training. It helps our customers create effective training programmes using specimen atlases voiced by leading doctors. .

Microspecimen electronic copies

TM Systems software provides the copy creation to view any information region in different powers (x4, x20, x40, 100) that can be used by some specialists simultaneously to optimize the diagnostics. Electronic copies can be used long after the specimen were taken that makes them useful for repeated diagnostics and training.

Photo- and video systems

TM Systems supplies photo- and video systems that are designed on the basis of digital Olympus and Canon, professional CCD, CMOS arrays providing profit-proved high-quality images and detailed information regions.


TM Systems hypoxitherapy solution with steady patient’s characteristics control is designed to increase physical and emotional stamina of a patient with special low oxygen gas formula to respire and sound exposure

Complex assessment of oxygen metabolism kinetics

The program also estimates the meaning of the indices presented in the table above and generates a conclusion characterising:

  • oxygen microcirculation in tissues;
  • tissue respiration processes;
  • the functional backup of oxygen dependent enzyme systems;
  • tissue oxygen consumption and delivery.  More...

Complex Doctor-

Allows assessing both the state and the structure of the VEGETATIVE NERVOUS SYSTEM (cardio-vegitative test), and the functional state of:

  • heart - HRV;
  • lungs - HF;
  • vessels - LF;
  • neurohumoral system- VLF.  More...

TM Systems solutions for industrial automation

Automated Control System (S) designed on the basis of Mitsubishi controllers can be used in the process of layer deposition with the ion-plasma coating of the carbide-tipped tooling.

Basic S Functions :

  • Automated Control System can operate 2 modes: remote and automatic.
  • Flexible operating practices setting
  • Warning system
  • Remote control and system operation.
  • Video control system
  • Fully documented and retrievable process data.
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Automated Workflow provides planning and recording of the SME operation tasks thus minimising mistakes in decision-making and speeding the workflow. Automated Workflow Solution covers all divisions of a company: management, accounting, production, warehouse, as well as client base management and estimating package, etc.

TM-Systems offers tailored solutions for science and education

Seminars and Conferences Recording

The industry's lightest weight and simple to operate system is designed to record and create the scripts of seminars, conferences, negotiations, discussions, etc., using individual customer-tailored solutions. An assistant can be invited to handle the recording more effectively. 


  • Provides both picture and sound.
  • Multiple functions of player operation, e.g., marking, labeling, scaling, image comparison, etc. 
  • Provides for time-code seeks, markers and frame-by-frame forward and back.

Training Programmes Development Based on Effective Information Storage Technology

Our innovative and environmentally friendly information storage technology specially designed software helps you maximize the effectiveness of training programmes and to minimize the training period.